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Ballad of the Honest Man I

Posted in Life on March 28, 2013 by David Lascelle

It’s bothered me for awhile. The casual dishonesty of the common man. The lies we tell ourselves. And I will no longer stand for it. I can’t change the world, but I can try and change myself. And in the trying, finally give myself a peaceful nights sleep.

This then is the Ballad of the Honest Man.

I’ve lived a life unremarkable except to myself. And in all my long years I have never felt that I have fit in anywhere. Not with my family, or my friends, or my co-workers, or others who share my interests. I am the constant outsider. Cursed to walk the Earth alone. Always the observer. Never the observed.

And while this may sound distressing to some, I have come to find my situation as a source of strength. Of pride.

It’s fucking tough to live life on your own. And I do not wish it on anyone if the alternative is a viable option. And god knows, I have tried.

Some us us do not have such luxuries.

But it does allow us certain privileges as well. And one of the those is the obligation to speak the truth. To always speak the truth. Apart from the world, we fear no repudiation, no reprisals, no punishments.

And the truth is this –

We are a remarkable people, and a sad one simultaneous.

We disappoint more than as we inspire.

We fail more than we succeed.

We cower more than we are courageous.

We hate more than we love.

We try more than we achieve.

And for all of that, and more, I love us more than words can ever hope to convey.

For every once in a while, with all of Human Nature and History defying them, one of us transcends our limitations and attains the impossible.

And for the most part this accomplishment was the result of someone drawing a line in the sand and daring themselves to cross into Terra Incognita – The Unknown Land.

And The Unknown Land is exactly where I want to be.


This year I turn 45 years old and celebrate 10 years of living on the West Coast.

And while I wish that many things in that span had turned out differently, I am indebted to the experiences for making me into the man that I am today.

Down, but not downed.

Beaten, but not beat.

Weakened, but not weak.


Welcome to the Ballad of the Honest Man.


DC Lascelle 29/03/13